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Weifang Sunzo Furniture owns Sunzo Furniture Co., Ltd. Sunzo Trade Co., Ltd, and Sunzo (HK) Industrial Co., Ltd. They are Sunzo Production Factory, Sunzo International Import and Export Trading Company, and Sunzo Customer Service Company. Weifang Sunzo Furniture was established in May 2005, with more than 15 years of production experience. My company's product materials are carefully selected without cracking raw materials, weighing a product for each test has more than 300kg. With EN12520-2015 quality certification.

When you running a rental company or event wholesale company, you need beautiful, durable, and versatile furniture that can fit any wedding, rehearsal dinner, company gathering, or live meeting. Your customers rely on you having top-notch personal service and premium quality equipment. In this case, you need a real supplier to provide you high-quality products and the best service team because we can control the production details. Of course, fixed factories can provide you with safer products and services.

Our chairs include: Cross back chair, Chiavari chair, Phoenix chair, Napoleon chair, Royal chair, Castle chair, Folding Chiavari chair, Folding chair, Ghost Chair, Windsor chairs, Kennedy chairs, Folding Table, Dining table, Banquet chair, Event wedding sofa and so on.

This Cross back chair is made of beech with strong elasticity and hardness. You can choose their color, my factory has a special craft to finish the appearance of their antiques, this is our specialty. Of course, we accept you to customize any one color.

Our chair has a gorgeous appearance with a sturdy and stable frame structure and a fixed metal frame under the chair all fixed enough to seat 8-10 chairs, the combination of these features make it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

When you need a chair and table that looks more beautiful, it has to withstand events, dancing, moving around the party, and possibly even beating down. They must be complete without hurting our customers. Rugged product is my biggest advantage.

Each chair can be placed above the cushion or chair cover and tablecloths, my own factory production is the safest and reliable products. As long as you need it, you can contact any one of us, our team will answer all your questions. Of course, there are many more products in our company for you, you can click on more links to see them.

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