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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Here are the advantages of buying from Weifang Sunzo industrial Co.,ltd and why our chairs cost more:"
    1) Sunzo Furniture is professional in this field for more than 15 years. We hope to satisfy our new and old customers. 2) The chairs we produced are guaranteed A1. They are realized by high qulity hardwood, sophisticated workers, good factory management and perfect quality control and process system. 3) Sunzo Furniture Factory has its own heating and solid wood bending room, and has the unique making technology of interior structure to ensure chair’s stability. 4) Sunzo Furniture has a huge producing capacity and we have already produced thousands of chairs for the international market. We know that buying chairs is a huge investment of your company, and we also understand that some aspects are important to you and your business, such as the strong and stability of the chair, the finish of the chair, the quality of the cushion, etc. 5) We do care the demands and concerns of our customers. We are honest and your will not feel disappointed when doing business with us. 6) There will be no problems of our chairs as of other poorly managed factories that the chairs will break easily, the chairs contain lead which is bad to people’s health, or the chairs are sanded or painted incorrectly.
  • Are all Event Chairs the same from all Vendors & Manufacturers?
    Event chair There are many styles of chairs. there is still a wide range of differences between different manufactures in spite of similarities. The quality of an event chair depends greatly on the quality of raw material that the factory used, as well as its production facility, techniques, and management. Only can the first-grade wood, advanced techniques, and facilities, and sophisticated workers assure to create a high-quality wood chair. Disappointedly, there are so many cases that quality is compromised at relatively low prices. so that, bad quality wood can be used, paints can be thinned, and necessary steps can be omitted leading to cheap quality event chairs. Sunzo Furniture Factory is a professional in producing high-quality event chairs in China and has played the leading role for many years. All of our chairs are guaranteed A1. We only use the best quality hardwood, lacquers, and paints. We have our unique techniques in producing event chairs in China. Sunzo Furniture Factory understands event chairs are a business investment reflecting your company’s image and values.
  • How to place an order?
    A: Regarding the products and any information you are interested in, you can choose the product through our website and finally choose the checkout. Of course, you don't need to pay for the goods. We will receive an email about the products you need. Our company will have professional sales staff who will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Of course, you can also leave a message for us or send an email to us. E-Mail:
  • Can I ask for a sample before I finally place an order?
    A: Of course, Quality checking sample will be possible.
  • If I order a small quantity, will you treat me seriously?"
    A: Yes, of course. Once you contact us, you will become our potential customer. It doesn't matter the quantity you ordered, we are looking forward to cooperating with you and hopefully, we can grow together in the future.
  • Can I pay a visit to your factory?
    A: Of course, highly welcome at any time. Besides showing you around our factory, we can also help you to book a hotel, pick up you at the airport, etc.
  • Where do you ship to and what countries have you done business in?
    A: SUNZO Furniture provides quick and efficient shipping to countries all over the world.
  • I can mix several color chairs in one order?
    A: Yes, wooden chairs 100pcs/color, Resin chairs 100pcs/color from main colors.
  • After placing an order, can I choose to look at the chair or table color samples before deciding to produce it?"
    A: Of course, we can produce color samples for you, and arrange product production again after confirming with you.
  • If I have a customized color, how can I ensure that the product color is the same if I place an order next time?"
    A: Please rest assured, as long as it is a special customized color product, we will produce samples to confirm with you. After you confirm, we will seal them with labels. The samples are all numbered by your exclusive number. When you need them again, we will be accurate Put it out for production.
  • What if I want Sunzo to help me purchase products?
    A: Of course there is no problem. Our company has very good sales and purchasing team. We can help customers purchase the products they need and provide reasonable quotations. We provide inspection services. Other products will be shipped to our factory warehouse for storage and secondary inspection. We will advise you when the product has design defects.
  • If I purchase products from other homes, can I ship them to the Sunzo factory and pack them together?"
    A: We provide a free 15-day warehouse storage service. When we receive your goods, if you need inspection services, we will issue a spot check report and send it to you. Of course, we won't open them if you don't need them.
  • Friendship reminder:
    In terms of volume, we recommend 20FT containers or larger containers. Small quantities in bulk are likely to cause damage to the product. This is just one of our suggestions.
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